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Learning Unlimited: Google Summer of Code Application Template

We're really happy to hear that you're interested in working with LU on our projects. This is a chance for us to get to know you and make sure that you're a good fit. It never hurts to get to know us, too; drop us a line at

  • gsoc at (public list; use gsoc-mentors at for any private e-mails)
  • the IRC chat room #lu-web at

A major part of the application is deciding on a project and coming up with a plan for its implementation. To do so, you should take a look at our ideas page. Additionally, more about us and what we do can be found there.

If you decide that you're interested, you're also encouraged to request an account on this Wiki and browse around. That way, you can see how we think about our programs, documentation for using the site, and more.

Basic Information

  • Name
  • E-mail
  • Phone Number
  • School
  • Where do you plan to be over the summer?


  • Describe your experience with Python. (Python is necessary background for working with our server-side code, but your project does not have to focus on this.)
  • What other programming languages have you used, and to what extent?
  • What sorts of academic or non-academic background do you have in software engineering?
  • What programming projects have you done in the past? Feel free to provide links or samples.
  • Which version control systems (if any) have you used?
  • Which operating system[s] do you use? Are you comfortable setting up and using virtual machines?

About You

  • Have you ever been a part of an LU program --- a Splash, HSSP, Cascade, Junction, or other? (This is certainly not necessary.) If so, how?
  • What drew you to Learning Unlimited's project?
  • How much time do you expect to spend on the project each week?
  • How do you like to communicate with other people? Do you like e-mail/chat/Facebook/phone/video chat/in-person? Do you prefer long, detailed communications where everything comes out at once, or do you like to get information in smaller pieces and to ask as you need something?

Project Proposal

The project proposal is the most important and substantial part of your application; we anticipate that most proposals will be 3-5 printed pages in length, but we're happy to read more or less and we expect that some excellent proposals will fall on both sides of that range. Our ideas page will likely be helpful in selecting a project. Suggested contents for the proposal include:

  • What kind of project would you like to do?
  • If you chose something from our list, why that project? If you created a new idea, what led you to that idea?
  • How do your experiences and ambitions make you suited for that project?
  • If applicable, what is your reaction to the existing code related to your project? Which things do you think are well-designed and why? Which things do you want to change and why?
  • Summarize any contributions you have already made to our codebase (e.g. Github tickets) and discussions you've had with our other developers.
  • Describe how you would implement (or figure out how to implement) your idea. Drawings, diagrams or mockups may be helpful. State the end goals, like what users will be able to do that they couldn't do before.
  • Provide a planned timeline for executing your project and a few milestones for submitting code.
  • What are the biggest challenges in this project? What would you need to learn? What other tools might you need?