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How to set up a new Dropbox account

Based on instructions at http://wiki.dropbox.com/TipsAndTricks/MultipleInstancesOnUnix

Make sure that either your X11 forwarding works or you aren't trying to use it (e.g. don't use -X or -Y option with ssh).

1. Create a base directory. See /lu/dropboxes.

  Example: mkdir /lu/dropboxes/[chapter name]

2. With the new base directory as the fake home directory, install Dropbox.

  Example: HOME=/lu/dropboxes/[chapter name] /lu/software/dropbox/dropbox start -i

3. The app will say "This client is not linked to any account..." and prompt you to visit a Web page.

  Do so, and switch to the "Create an Account" tab instead of logging in.  
  Make up appropriate account information for the new chapter.  Then submit it.
  • First name: [Chapter name]
  • Last name: Splash
  • E-mail: [chapter name]-websupport@lists.learningu.org
  • Password: [randomly generated, safely kept password]

4. Kill the dropbox process that you started (use 'ps ax | grep dropbox' then 'kill -9 [pid]'). 5. Start up dropboxd for that user for the first time.

  Example: HOME=/lu/dropboxes/[chaptername] /lu/software/dropbox/dropboxd &

6. Add the above command to /etc/rc.local to make sure that dropboxd is started on boot.

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