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To help the Web team and its volunteers deliver the best service possible, we settled on the following means of communicating with chapters:

  • Each chapter has a mailing list (typically [name] which serves as a forum for all requests, responses and discussions. All correspondence should be copied to the mailing list so people can keep up.
    • Interested volunteers from the LU Web team or chapters can subscribe to these lists by using the Mailman interface or by e-mailing the Web team leader (currently Michael Price).
    • Requests should not be sent to the broader web-team list except in a contingency (i.e. immediate attention required but no one is available on the chapter-specific mailing list).
  • One person or tightly-knit group is selected to manage the Web site needs of the chapter.
    • Managers should respond to all requests within 1-2 days, even if the response is "we don't know how to do this but we'll work on it."
    • Managers are also responsible for talking to LU and chapter volunteers personally to divide up and triage work based on everyone's availability.
    • Managers can be from LU or from the chapter. Typically they are from LU at first, but we are happy to hand off responsibility to the chapters.
    • Current managers include:
      • Stanford: [unassigned]
      • Chicago: [unassigned]
      • Duke: [unassigned]
      • Northwestern: [unassigned]
      • BC: [unassigned]
      • Illinois: [unassigned]
      • UMBC: [unassigned]
      • Harvard: [unassigned]
  • Everyone is encouraged to make use of the Web Team chat room (Jabber/XMPP/Gchat:, where helpful volunteers often lurk. Poking in here and asking a question will often get it answered immediately.