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This article is part of a sequence of five pages that cover all the different teams that make up Learning Unlimited and their responsibilities. We encourage you to read them all!

The LU Web team consists of several volunteers from around the country. The team e-mail list is web-team@lists.learningu.org and the captain (Michael Price) can be reached at price@kilentra.net.

Google Summer of Code



This team is defined by its responsibilities:

  1. Maintaining a "main" branch that provides a stable, self-sufficient (if ugly) ESP site incorporating all generic features contributed by everyone. The LU team will cherry-pick from other branches and develop features, bug fixes and improvements in the main branch.
  2. Maintaining LU's electronic resources including a server, Web applications (Web site, blogs, wikis, etc.), storage and backup for LU and the ESP groups.
  3. Hosting ESP Web sites for groups that do not have their own hosting capacity.
  4. Contributing on an individual, voluntary basis to code development and support for all of the sites.

This is just off the top of my head; if you think we should have more, fewer or different responsibilities, e-mail web-team@lists.learningu.org and we'll talk about it.


A large set of mailing lists have been created to allow some flexibility for each of us: discussion, automatic notifications, and support. The central list is web-team@lists.learningu.org. Each Learning Unlimited chapter also has its own list, at [chaptername]-websupport@lists.learningu.org.

We also tend to hang out in the Jabber chat room lu-web@conference.jabber.org. Feel free to drop in and ask questions!

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