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* [[Useful quotes and statistics]]
* [[Useful quotes and statistics]]
* [[Publicity We Want]]
* [[Publicity We Want]]
== Travel Policy ==
* [[2011 Travel Policy]]
= Outdated Materials =
= Outdated Materials =

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How LU Works

This section contains detailed information about LU internal operations, useful for those just getting involved with the organization or chapter reps and leaders who want to know how we work!

LU Operations

For the LU insiders, or those who are curious!



  • The Web Team is dedicated to coordinating and contributing to the Web site developing efforts of all ESP groups.
  • The Chapter Services Team provides support for existing and upcoming chapters and works closely with the Chapter Board.
  • The Media and Public Relations Team helps both LU and chapters develop creative methods for marketing programs.
  • The LU Board is responsible for the general direction of LU.
  • The LU Staff is responsible for the operations of LU.



Current Projects


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Travel Policy

Outdated Materials

See Outdated LU Materials.

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